Zhang Wei evolution into the webmaster 2 gene

at the end of 2000, Zhang Wei developed a web chat program, then Tencent hasn’t became popular, many local portals, information port need such a chat program, the program Zhang Wei price from a few thousand to a few million, a month can earn tens of thousands of dollars. 2001, Zhang Wei had the opportunity to work for the Tencent, but he did not go, when Tencent was only a few people, thirty, claiming to miss the opportunity to become a billionaire, Zhang Wei".

chat room business has been good, in December 2004, Zhang Wei founded the Shenzhen liberal arts interactive company, at that time the team has nearly twenty people, this year the company’s revenue reached 5 million, but after two years of revenue began to go down, because users are using QQ, and after QQ launched the group functions, web chat room the traditional is completely lost its appeal. 2006 Web2. 0 popular concept, Zhang Wei also tried to do a chat portal, but soon found that "Web2. 0 is a bubble ", not to make money, to the end of 2007, the company from the office moved to a house, people are only five, try various directions, online customer service, chat tools, almost every month to try a new direction, but the future is still obscure.

May 2008, Facebook has been popular in foreign countries, the year before the start of the open platform has gradually display effect, Zhang Wei noted that the Zynga game on the Facebook platform is hot, in July, the main domestic SNS community school network also announced open platform, Zhang Weiren, this is a big trend, decided to make a transition web game. Burson Marsteller interactive said in 2005 to Shenzhen Telecom had simple web game outsourcing, Flash game development experience, the first game "Texas Poker" development for 3 months.

was the only domestic Comsenz and school are two open platform, the lack of application are therefore trying to boyaa interactive such third party developers, "Texas Poker" in October into the Kang Sheng platform, Zhang Wei remembered the line on the first day of the income reached 2700 yuan, which makes him very excited, in November into the school system, the same very hot.

was the most fire SNS game is stealing food, almost no other games, so although domestic users do not understand the Texas poker play, but it will soon become popular. Then 51. COM, happy network, etc. are beginning to open the platform, a large number of domestic and small twenty-seven open platform, Zhang Wei said, we are such a good game everywhere can make money." Zhang Wei will also own the game made the traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Portuguese version, on the Facebook platform.

platform and developers to take into the way of income, with Kang Sheng as an example, every 100 yuan of income can be divided into boyaa interactive 40~50 yuan. Throughout 2009, Burson interactive revenue more than 10 million yuan, and the Facebook Collection >

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