Tencent released the first community statistical analysis system Tencent analysis


figure: DISCUZ! Cloud platform

May 5, 2011, Tencent analysis with Discuz! X2 RC version officially released!

Tencent (Tencent Analysis) analysis, referred to as TA, is the world’s first community dedicated to the statistical analysis system, the system construction of Tencent powerful data analysis and calculation basis, in addition to all the functions with the standard flow statistics, also can distinguish the interaction between tourists and members, trends, real-time data and Statistics website hot plate, hot topics and so on, so as to effectively analyze the data and provide reference data for the owners.

analysis of TA Tencent website statistics tool is better than the traditional, in addition to the website analysis, page analysis, source analysis, visitor analysis of these basic functions, also has a series of functions for the exclusive statistics in the community, such as distinguished members and visitors; visit the forum, the theme of the trend of subdivision:

website analysis -> hot plate


community website architecture and architecture are very different, generally do not involve statistical tools on a forum, the theme of the statistical data, and the analysis is subdivided into sections of Tencent and member of the visit to visit. The visit by understanding the forum, can understand the needs of members, as well as the characteristics of the forum content, to the A site as an example, the highest traffic is a "template style", this understanding to the needs of visitors is the largest amount of template style; access through the understanding of the theme, the hot topic can statistics daily and monthly. Understand the member changes in demand.


visitor analysis -> visitors and members

Tencent TA analysis and statistics on visitors and members. For the forum, the distinction between visitors and members of the forum to understand the path of access, is conducive to the operation of the site. For example, a community comparison tourists bounce rate and membership bounce rate, can understand the forum orientation and more attractive to visitors; if the visitors out of membership rate is higher than the bounce rate, so that the forum and the relative content of the lack of attraction and guidance; comparison of tourists and membership is generally out of which section, which page that can be targeted for optimization of related sections and pages.



visitor analysis -> new and old visitors than

understanding of the site’s new and old visitors help to grasp the content of the community to attract different types of visitors. For example: when the number of visitors a day than a large number of new visitors a lot, it shows that the community back to more visitors, visitors retention rate is higher, but should pay attention to the new visitors to the new.

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