Dongguan webmaster at the end of the party activities

webmaster in Dongguan come in, the end of the meeting will be a

group number: 32577347

< gathering time >:2007 December 30th (Sunday) 11 a.m. 00

< > location: Dongguan; Dongcheng District Dongcheng Dongcheng Avenue Pedestrian Street (will do McDonald’s red flag)

< > bus route; bus station: [yonghuating] off,


station: power supply center, Dongcheng center, good group, public security, Baisha Tong, Jin Ao garden

< >: lunch venue; happyhour restaurant [not recommended below Chaoshan drink, or drink a small amount of wine]

< meeting place >: 2, Lane No. 21, Cao Ling Road, industrial zone, Ling Ling [gratitude home]

< > cost; lunch: in addition to AA "not more than 35 yuan", and the traffic expenses, other expenses provided by thanksgiving.

party participants: webmaster, technology, art, marketing planning, hardware and software resource providers and all the friends in the network with a dream of hard work.

main contact person: Thanksgiving QQ:95749448 mobile phone: 13556666294

party flow schedule:

11 point set at the rendezvous

11 00–11 45 to the preliminary friends know each other at the same time, as far as the friend exchanges.

12 points 00–13 point lunch, during the formal introduction of all friends, to communicate some of the private topics of 30.

13 points 40–14 points in the home to drink tea, rest for half a minute

14 point 10–17 official meeting to discuss


17:10 farewell home each day, too late to go back to the friends of Thanksgiving accommodation

party theme Description:

first of all, it’s a real party. There’s not a lot of virtual stuff in there. No sponsor, no special cattle X people to speak. Thanksgiving home conditions are very difficult.

are involved in the lives of people in Dongguan, in the search for, in search of direction, in the constant attempt to constantly think about the ordinary network grassroots.

but we have a dream, maybe one of us can not change what, what to promote or make great achievements.

but there is a big team, a group of friends, Humian mutual pull together in times of trouble we will harvest more.

wants so many like-minded friends to get through

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