Europe and the United States to combat the global large-scale black sites 17 people arrested


technology – Beijing morning news on November 9th, codenamed "Operation Onymous" action this week exposure, it seems accurate attack on dark online drug trade in a small number of value target. However, the latest information shows that in this action, the global justice department is working on a comprehensive cooperation on the underground Internet washing.

this Friday, the European police agency Europol and the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security announced in this action, 17 suspects were arrested in a number of countries, seized hundreds of dark network domain name associated with more than a dozen black market websites. In addition, Cloud 9 and Hydra 2 were released Thursday on the drug market of the Silk Road against the action, also destroyed a smuggling market, such as Pandora, Blue SKy, Topix, Flugsvamp, Cannabis Road and Black Market etc..

other hit targets also include money laundering sites Cash Machine, Cash Flow, Golden Nugeet and Fast Cash. The justice department seized more than $1 million worth of bitcoins and $250 thousand in cash held by the criminal suspect, and a large number of computers, drugs, gold, silver, and weapons that had not yet been classified.

Justice Department announced that a total of 414 seized the.Onion domain name. This is the anonymous software Tor using the network address, can hide the actual address of the web server. "Connection" magazine interview this Thursday the European crime information center responsible person, Troy · Oltin (Troels Oerting). He said that his staff did not even have time to prepare a complete list of the recently closed sites.

Oltin said: "one of the main goals of the" Silk Road "of those who." Oltin said the 26 year old programmer Black · Basol (Blake Benthall), he was arrested in San Francisco on Wednesday, and is accused of Silk Road drug site 2 operators. Oltin also said: "we are looking at, you can find more management of this kind of website, destroying their infrastructure. Some people have run away before we act, but we’ve hit most of the targets."

Europal has yet to announce the arrest of the 17 specific information. However, in addition to Bansuoer, Thursday news, and two people were arrested in a raid in Dublin.

these dark web sites use the Tor anonymous software, so the judiciary how to locate these sites is still a mystery. For example, in criminal proceedings against Basol, FBI agent Vincent · (Vincent D’A>)

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