Cool for a while, but lost how the people of the elegant rape users


[core tip] so many Internet products rape users, cool for a while, but lost people, then there is no elegant posture?

rape users, which for many Internet products are accustomed to, and even the way to survive. As an ordinary user, I have been a variety of Internet products raped many times, but every time I see the emergence of Internet products rape user behavior, with Oh attitude, the cost in this way in most cases than the harvest.

the title of this article is how elegant rape users, the intention is obvious, to achieve the purpose of rape users, but also to reduce the user’s antipathy. Before trying to figure out how to behave gracefully, first demonstrate what is the behavior of the user.

such as

is so shameless to praise, please look at the copy:


some map products are navigation, it will pop up window: pro to a five-star praise.


default help users to do a variety of options:




download station will never find the true download address, and download all kinds of SkyDrive induced users.


well, the negative material has been finished, I believe we are not unfamiliar with this behavior. Let’s take a look at the elegant posture.

gentle point, may be better

In order to praise

don’t really

integrity?Now no matter what

used to do good, do bad, after a period of time will allow the user to make the five pop star, write enough grievances, is really trying to make arch. Elegant user Positive Evaluation posture to do? First of all your products can not be flawed, only Rate this is not touched by the user. May wish to add the next Rate Send feedback This, the user who needs your products, there are always people who want to get a better experience, they will take the initiative to provide feedback suggestions, although these people rarely. For a start is not a large number of users and products, pay attention to each of your users, processing and feedback they provide, and they maintain a good relationship, many users will take the initiative to say, will give you a good evaluation.


brush list to a lot more strenuous than now, and must stick to this

application integrity?

don’t take any advertising to fool

video website advertising like bindings as smelly and long, a few.

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