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portal site since April 8, 2008 officially launched, immediately attracted to join and sought after many of the domestic and foreign, as of December 1st of the same year only forum has visit: 33183695 people, nearly 120 thousand registered members, Alexa ranking: 24687, Google PR value: 6, has become China’s chief media brand, and officially enter the China stationmaster media four


concerned about the Internet, the full support of the majority of the owners of entrepreneurship is the gateway has been the theme. The master is a special group, they have the passion, passion, dream, adhering to a struggle and adhere to the spirit of unremitting self-improvement, hard pioneer. Here, we sincerely appeal, hope to have more webmaster can join in the portal. Let us face to face, heart to heart communication, tell us in his life story and sour, sweet, bitter, hot station, entrepreneurial story.

‘s upcoming "portal webmaster interview topic" column, welcome everyone to participate actively, encourage people to volunteer or recommend you webmaster friends, together with us, taking place in which people can let everybody remember those sour, sweet, bitter, hot, transient, events, the story unfolds in this column, to share more friends. At the same time, let the portal into our "stage", let us "story" with more people to share, and eventually become the spirit of the majority of the park.

as long as you are a webmaster, as long as you have a dream, portal will give you the platform. Guest portal interview allows you to quickly become the focus of the Internet

application requirements:

the amount of access to your website is not the only criterion we choose to interview you. As long as the following conditions listed in the above conditions can be registered to participate in this event.

featured website owners

has an innovative website

has a new profit model website webmaster

has the story of the webmaster

famous local website webmaster


To meet the requirements of

felt it would hurry up! Send your personal profile and web site and the advantage to menhutong$163.com (Note: more than [email protected] please replace the back to sender). Contact: QQ:182533934 (or a drop of water) and QQ:398000901 (near heaven), QQ:358862802 (Senlon) please indicate in stationmaster interview.

we will get in touch with you at the first time after receiving the application

where the official release of the contents of the interview posted a photo of my webmaster, to help you become a celebrity webmaster!

registration methods and Description: http://s.bbs.menhutong>

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