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technology news August 16th morning news, 360 "the concern of the search page (so.360.cn) today’s low profile appearance, the page is very simple and refreshing, no ads search results, speculation that the outflow of the page is a test version, perhaps just a test 360.

This page

360 official said, part of the 360 comprehensive search is 360 open platform, 360 fully respect the choice of the user, on the search results page, users can switch freely convenient to Baidu, Google, Sogou and other search engines.

this is the search for their own technology, not to take the results of Baidu Google." 360 relevant person in charge explained that now the search technology has become more sophisticated, search engine technology has developed over ten years, the technology is not mysterious.

It is reported that 360

, the initial development is the predecessor of the community search "Qihoo", although the business focus to the security field, but the search team retained, search technology in sustainable development.

, however, the current Sina Technology in 360 navigation and the main products of the 360 did not find the entrance of the search. Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said Sogou search team will do a routine evaluation of the quality of 360 search, released in the afternoon.


the well-known media Cheng Ling Feng had said 360 was supposed to launch a browser based on information recommendation, but is still not mature. He said, 360 may be in other search engine results in the "illegal" content or advertising to remind users.

previously, 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi repeatedly mentioned in the earnings conference call to enter the search, but his initial goal is to choose a vertical search. Zhou Hongyi called vertical search first cut from the video to meet the huge needs of users, you can enhance the viscosity of the product, and do a good job of vertical search is the basis of search. (


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