Alipay daily trading volume of over 1 billion 200 million Shao Xiaofeng streaking promises

Tencent Francisco December 8th news, informed sources revealed to the Tencent of science and technology, Alipay President Shao Xiaofeng today to honor previous commitments, at temperatures below 10 degrees or less, in the form of the streaking to celebrate Alipay daily trading volume exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan.

it is understood that in July this year, Alipay announced that users exceeded 200 million, Shao Xiaofeng had promised to employees, if Alipay before the end of the daily trading volume exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan, he will run in public. But that transaction volume exceeded 1 billion 200 million in December 7th Alipay reached 1 billion 213 million yuan. The goal was half a month earlier than Shao Xiaofeng had expected.

Shao Xiaofeng in Hangzhou really fulfilled the promise". This afternoon, Shao Xiaofeng with a black hat, black sunglasses, red shorts "Zorro" shape appeared, Fu appeared to cause the audience cheers.

but today Hangzhou temperature below 10 degrees, or to bring a little bit of a challenge streaker. It is interesting to note that after Shao is the identity of police, and Zorro are getting rid of the image of a hero.

coincidentally, the five anniversary of the establishment of the company today coincided with alipay. During the celebration, Shao Xiaofeng also announced in December 8th each year to become Alipay’s experience, the company all staff to focus on experience all of Alipay’s products. We call our own birthday is’ mother difficult day ‘, is that we want to be grateful to our mother, and today, the custom of December 8th’ experience day ‘, is the hope that we are grateful to all users."

Shao Xiaofeng also warned all users of Alipay employees, is God, no matter how big the Alipay business, will always put the user experience and feelings in the most important position of the company, "this will be the first of all company products and services."

it is reported that in December 8, 2004, Alipay officially from a department of stripped out, became an independent company. While in the company when the major breakthrough performance, employees tend to "streaking" to celebrate. As Shao Xiaofeng streaking so far, the company has eleven times after streaking.

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