Ali 26 units of the entire ecological anti-corruption shop has been permanently closed

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March 24th news, today, Alibaba group in the form of an open letter to disclose a number of shops due to improper behavior was permanently closed shop list. The open letter in the letter addressed to the platform for network operators and all create the ecological, Alibaba group reiterated the determination of Anti-corruption: any "unspoken rule" Ali is not allowed on the platform, any challenge to the bottom line, shake the fundamental integrity survival behavior will be severely punished.

according to the disclosure of the letter, Ali’s platform this time a total of 26 stores due to improper means to seek benefits are permanently closed shop. These shops are contrary to the principle of good faith, trying to through the unspoken rules and even illegal means to seek illegitimate interests. For example, for the activities of interest to small or small gifts to send cash to send persons associated benefits, and attempt to 2nd bribery.

is worth mentioning is that the shop has also been investigated bribery failed. Before the Spring Festival, some shops to Taobao operating small bribery 10000 yuan, the two small operators refused, in accordance with the rules of gift declaration to the company, the Alibaba integrity department immediately involved in the treatment. In particular, the open letter, all employees involved in the case of violations will be dealt with severely.

Alibaba said that any "unspoken rule" Ali is not allowed on the platform, because "only an honest, transparent, open and fair environment, to the healthy development of the entire electricity supplier really protect the ecological system". And pointed out that the integrity of the construction of the test is not just a company Ali, including the platform million businesses. For some businesses to take the unspoken rules means, Ali will be severely punished according to the rules of the platform members, suspected of illegal, will be transferred to industry and Commerce and public security.

"we respect every one on the platform integrity management, hard to pay for businesses, but tried to take a shortcut, loophole, and even attempt to bribe to seek illegitimate interests of businesses, for the destruction of the market order, the integrity of the bottom line, shake the fundamental survival challenges of business, I will resolutely exclude its in Ali electricity supplier ecosystem, never cooperation." Alibaba said in the letter.

open letter also reminded the platform network, do not believe that the so-called "exclusive agent" and "insiders" claim and deception, such fraud case occurred repeatedly, Alibaba has been in conjunction with the public security organs to trace and detect, later will be announced to the public.

this is the latest anti-corruption signal released by Alibaba, which means that in addition to the continuous improvement of the system and regulate the behavior of the staff, Ali has been extended to the whole platform purification efforts to the electricity supplier ecosystem. According to an open letter, said Ali will continue to crack down on such illegal behavior, the latter will disclose a list of new illegal businesses. The company also promised, will continue to count the cost, improving the system and staff gauge bundles, and network platform together to defend the integrity of the survival foundation of transparent.

open letter once again announced the report website, the public and the network found any irregularities can > 2

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