Baidu recently many strange image of the conjecture

this time Baidu boss strange is like so many webmasters. Joy and sorrow.

Baidu’s current image is summarized as follows:

1, a large number of sites in Baidu’s included page data is greatly reduced, which is definitely not a simple artificial K station hair performance.

2, in the Baidu site: site included digital, refresh a few times on the transformation of data, people can not understand the mind.

3, site: out of the site included a number of real and collected data does not match, for example: the first site display data is 10 thousand, but when you turn to the next page, may be just a few a few included, this is the real data collection.

4, there is a strange phenomenon that fish mobile phone Jaya station encountered the station every day to update the original content, Baidu home page content is updated every day, in recent days are not included. This is not a simple weight reduction problem. Don’t understand what’s going on?

5, Baidu post bar in June 28th, MP3 column error.

6, Baidu index 50top appear ";" such words.

still has a Baidu like, maybe more. For these problems, at present, one of the most difficult to say is that Baidu hard drive. I believe that in addition to this, there is a possibility that the Olympic Games, Baidu in order to create a good network environment. In cleaning up a large collection of pages, there will certainly be manslaughter in the clean-up at the same time, and in order to avoid the new collection of pages, now Baidu for many web sites every day are included in the reduction or not included. Perhaps this situation will wait until after the Olympic Games will ease.

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