A5 webmaster network first phase of the county portal operation began enrollment

training the county portal station, win in the operation, "the portal 10000 month Raiders" county portal for individuals or small teams, or very feasible venture, blank, most of the county-level market prospects, the threshold from start-up costs is low, the development of a large space, unlike the mature municipal portal if, to have strong capital, basically is not up. From the competition point of view, the portal to do good and not many, of course, has a strong local county station, or a professional team (or advertising media company) commercial operation; and the popularity and great influence, so in this case, it is recommended that you do not blindly enter the market; blind investment don’t, if you don’t move, up to 0, if you move, is likely to be negative. Do County portal station, the most difficult to solve the problem is: 1. No one offers hand guidance. 2. Do not understand technology, art, not the production site. 3. Understand the technology, but do not understand the business operations. 4. Worry about the site every day no popularity, no visibility; website opened a few years, but has not made money. 5. No team, not much money to operate, there is no legitimate business license, etc……. The station combat instructors: Shen Jian Congyi information network founder 2002 access to the Internet, 04 years learning website, 07 years of college, (an interview with Shen sword: give up the teacher I love to do a full-time webmaster) http://s.admin5.com/article/20090512/149678.shtml ); the same year to create Congyi information network, at the portal business, event planning and operation, there are 6 years of practical operation experience of county portal station. I believe the power of 2012, days and months multiplying! Website revenue stability: have a small team, please 3 full-time employees (2 business +1, art) plus my own small team of 4 people. If your county portal website annual income of hundreds of thousands of this training for you to show too amateur! If you are running for life, to participate in the actual combat training, the significance is not large. The experience is that I have at least about 100000 yuan, in exchange for the experience, through a lot of detours; have struggled day and night, disappointed, had thought of giving up, but eventually insisted on down. Training class: 13 class QQ + long-term guidance group + full set of actual project operation       start time: April 25th 20:00 -21:30 lectures: good vision video software, online video and recording fees: 3000 yuan payment (  www.admin5.com/bank  to ensure the quality of teaching, the collection period 25 students in accordance with the order of registration, so full of people. Once again: students who are not satisfied with the lecture can apply for a full refund within 3 days of the lecture

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