Most incubators have no station

in order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, a variety of "incubator" construction is more and more, the establishment of an incubator is simple, but the incubator development is really easy to grow up!

visited some of the incubator, my heart was almost collapse. Most of the incubator station empty; entrepreneurs graduated from an incubator, and then go to another home for three months, around the industry average flow; the occupancy rate is less than 30% of business, service is in its infant stage……

also has a large science and technology enterprises, with the original incubation service ability, will experience projected to start-up companies, in order to achieve long-term returns. For example, Intel output core products, technology, industry docking, fund and other services to establish a joint acceleration.

the incubator for practitioners in the country concerned, now may be the best time, the State encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, to domestic entrepreneurs incubator is bigger than any previous time space. If you just do not have a significant meaning of the incubator, the operation is simpler than ever.

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