What are the pitfalls we should pay attention to

because of the lack of understanding of the entire entrepreneurial market, because there is too much expectations of entrepreneurship, leading many people now choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship is not careful enough. In fact, it go to the west, the road is full of traps, seemingly a temple, a flower, a beautiful but once you went to a quiet and modest maiden, but, will fall into the abyss, into a deadly trap.

therefore, in business we should polish their piercing eye, make a return to Sun Wukong, see below the trap.

1, that when the boss must have kept their promises, his words are always right

at work, a lot of people are always on the boss’s words do not think it is the right in their own right, so go on the road of entrepreneurship, also put their pride into the truth, especially because of the face, unwilling to accept the opinions of others, and when the individual ban collective how can business and continue. "The boss" is a trap to Faithful words grate upon the ear. can help you, very modest to pull out.

2, think discount, promotion is competitive

discount, promotion is a lot of business tube conventional means, but if there is no strong fist, the price will only make their profits, the price will still have the profits to be No one shows any interest in, and how to profit? "Discount" is a trap, only a profit, profit, price is a good marketing tool.

3, thought to have idea can someone to invest in

A idea

is important, but how to achieve is the real difficulty, do not think that a idea can sleep without any anxiety, some people came to their own investment, no capital, not to dry up, it is difficult to have people willing to invest, especially some of the more novel idea.

4, stick to it, not necessarily successful

you know, sometimes, if you insist on being wrong? Just as a crossroads, the wrong direction will never reach the end point, therefore, time continuous inspection, continuous reflection, constantly revised, can not run farther. "Persistence" is actually a trap, step by step to see the three step in order to always be on the right path.

5, that the relation can sleep without any anxiety

in China, almost do what thing in particular about the relationship, so many people put their business on the "relationship" is such an important bargaining chip, so busy at public relations, relationships, and wasted too much of the construction team.

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