Liu Keli nternet release of female entrepreneurial wisdom

current society generally believes that the Internet is developed to bring a good opportunity for women entrepreneurs. Network to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship in this era, can effectively gather more entrepreneurial resources, so that women create easy start.


CBSi China Media Editor Liu Keli in China and South Korea women special forum on science and technology innovation forum, on the Internet, cloud computing era, the service industry is a great opportunity to opportunity clusters, female entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial women to join the army, released half of five thousand years of civilization in human wisdom.

female innate has some advantages, such as women get more trust, work more detailed and comprehensive, to finance, property, cost control and sensitivity is much higher than that of male, these are women entrepreneurship natural capital.

There are many noteworthy data a survey of women entrepreneurs in the global

Liu Keli very sure of her thoughts, and encouraged her to participate in the classes, the technology well, make full use of the time, the cost of capital, use the Internet to do publicity, and strive to realize their dreams.

2015 opened a new era of entrepreneurship in China, in 2016 there will be more entrepreneurial support policies introduced. There is intention to start a female friend do not hesitate, and join the entrepreneurial spirit of the tide.

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