Underwear how to choose a good position

has a very good saying, a good start is conducive to success. In fact, for those who do business with many entrepreneurs, how to choose the shop location is often the beginning of their career, so if you want to shop business in the beginning is half, you must select the location of the shop.

A, underwear store location must be forward-looking

is not a good location will make money, once meet municipal planning changes, lively area will become a rare place, which is being developed in the area have great investment space, therefore, it is best to know more about the location of the future a lot of development. In addition, we must pay attention to the future competition in the region.

two, underwear store location influence passenger "gold"

location must pay attention near the flow of people, traffic conditions, residents and units, which is related to the amount of income. Therefore, the location of the superior business investment income is higher, but also means a lot of high prices, fierce competition. Community shops and shops along the street traffic stability, stable return on investment.

three, underwear store location should pay attention to the price of


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