Several approaches to market demand

in the early stages of entrepreneurship must be clear that this project has no market prospects, the market outlook is not estimated out, how to accurately investigate the market demand has been one of the problems plagued small investors. The main reason is that the methods in the textbooks are too abstruse and complex. At the same time, it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to complete the task. This is the small investors can not afford. Is there a simple and effective way?

method 1 model market simulation

case: Ms. Ma in Changsha in early 2014 fancy a jewelry class entrepreneurial projects. She went to a small batch of goods from the company, and then to a Suzhou market model simulation. The specific approach is that Ms. Ma first select a sample shop near the specifications and similar jewelry store, and then negotiate with the owner, so that the other side consignment products. In order to ensure the success of the experiment, Ms. Ma and merchants signed an agreement in the consignment process, supplement stores a fee.

The results of

simulation experiment: after one month, Ms. Ma found that stores a consignment of products has been sold. She doesn’t think there’s a market for the product. In early May 2014, the project declared bankruptcy.

note: this method has a certain effect on new product market validation, but there are two drawbacks, one is to consume much energy, but also looking for partners, and also examine the market model; two, a larger initial investment. Some investors have a certain economic strength to choose this method. At the same time investors in order to ensure the success of the test, we must sign a written agreement with the partners.

application: join the project, ornaments, clothing, food, health care products and electronic products of the new.

Methods 2

test method

case: Lee, Anshan to invest in a children’s toys. In order to verify the product market demand, he entered the 200 products from manufacturers, and travel in different locations in the park, near the school, park, and different prices for trial.

results: after the trial, Lee found the popular toys for children aged 6-12 welcome in Anshan, and the park and amusement park is the best place of sale. Now Mr. Lee are able to sell nearly 1500 sets of toys / month, the monthly profit of more than 40 thousand yuan.

tip: trial, investors should do what, investment amount is not too large, the average investor testing input about late into the 1/3 project, a total investment of about 60 thousand yuan, when the market investment should not exceed 20 thousand yuan.

application areas: agent distribution electronics, home type, toy products.

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