90 after the opening of the hot pot shop fried special skills

hot pot industry in the most out of a news that 90 after opening a hot pot shop, their fried material, the store has opened three, their business hot. He has become a famous hot pot fry division. Xiao Bian will take you to see what is going on.

now 90 after the opening of the hot pot shop is not unusual, but not only when the owner of the hot pot shop, but also won the second national hot pot seasoning division competition gold medal, is a hot pot circle famous fried material master. He is strict, 23 years old this year, he opened his own third stores in Yubei District Xinpaifang Jin Cheng Lu recently.

, the reporter arrived at the Jin Cheng Lu rise where the old Hot pot. He is talking to his dressing agent about the hot pot. "The most important thing is chili, bean paste, bean mother, pepper and butter, etc……. Which material did not choose the taste is not delicious." Strictly speaking, a pot of delicious Hot pot oil also much less water, otherwise it will not eat the insipid, smooth.

strict told reporters that he was not born in the cook family, the time is not long. Originally, after graduating from high school with his father to enter the decoration industry, became a site of the material, often in Shandong, Henan, Shanxi and other cities on business. "At that time, the greatest pain is not tired, but tired of not authentic Chongqing hot pot to eat." Strictly speaking, he simply study their own Raiders, personally modulation hot pot bottom material, the results have been widely recognized by colleagues, friends around.

has been recognized by everyone, so in strict confidence, more involved in the development of Hot pot soup. 2013, decided to return to Chongqing to open their own old hot pot shop. Strictly thanks to an old Hot pot frying teacher, every day of the ingredients and temperature at home, for the most authentic taste. "Generally have to fry for a few hours, I used to work in the evening, then it is generally in the middle of the night to sleep." Strictly speaking, after the first store opened Hot pot, frying once he failed, but on the same day to materials, so he will pour one hundred or two hundred pounds of Hot pot bottom material, starting from scratch, for more than ten hours without sleep.

is the kind of Hot pot dedicated to his Gaojiu road champs street old Jingjiubushuai, each month also regularly invited a group of old strict Hot pot bottom material, taking his Hot pot together taste, collect professional opinions, constantly adjust the taste. "I’m a hot pot fan myself, I’m going to have to go through this." Strictly speaking, he ate up to eight pots a day. In this year, the Chongqing hot pot Association held a hot pot Festival, strict hot pot bottom material to win the recognition of the judges, he became the winner of this time to win the gold medal of fried material competition youngest.

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