How to carry out industrial restructuring and upgrading of Deyang

in the process of economic development, enterprises only keep pace with the times, continuous innovation and development, in order to keep up with the pace of the times, in order to achieve excellent results in the wave of economic development! So, in the face of the bottleneck of enterprise development, Deyang industrial restructuring and upgrading of how to develop it?

to further enhance the core competitiveness of industrial upgrading, industrial innovation and sustainable development, accelerate the development of industrial transformation and upgrading of Deyang, the municipal government office issued "on the day before the notice of a number of policy" to accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading, accelerate the upgrading and support from technology innovation, to enhance the strength of enterprises, promote the carrier construction, strengthen the security of industrial restructuring, vigorously support the city industrial transformation and upgrading, accelerate the development of.

in accelerating industrial restructuring and upgrading, to support major projects completed and put into operation, to support the transformation of enterprises, promote the application of energy-saving technology, the information technology industry to encourage green development, support enterprises to improve production safety ability.

on the completion of the year and put into operation and the new year to achieve the output value of 20 million yuan or more, or the existing enterprise output value increased by more than 25% of the year, fixed assets investment of more than $200 million and grants of $800 thousand. The annual energy saving 200 tons of standard coal and energy saving project according to the above given 10-50 million yuan subsidy; for year 20 thousand cubic meters of water and water saving project according to the above given 10-50 million yuan subsidy.

of enterprises included in the national "two integration management system standards implementation pilot enterprises to give a one-time reward of 100 thousand yuan; on enterprise information management and information system integration, intelligent manufacturing, e-commerce, software development, networking product development and application integration with a typical demonstration role of industrialization and information depth of the project, not one-time giving supreme more than 500 thousand yuan reward; enterprises to join the Deyang industrial cloud platform, in-depth cooperation and technical support unit of the enterprise according to the project total investment to give a one-time subsidy of up to more than 300 thousand yuan.

on investment in fixed assets more than 5 million yuan, the implementation of circular economy demonstration projects, comprehensive utilization of solid waste recycling transformation and energy efficient water-saving environmental protection technology and products industrialization projects, giving a maximum subsidy of 500 thousand yuan in fixed assets investment 5%; for the year included in the provincial elimination of backward production capacity and acceptance through the annual objectives and tasks, and did not have the funds to support enterprises, giving a maximum of 1 million yuan subsidy by eliminating the original investment or production equipment; to actively carry out cleaner production audit, energy saving assessment and energy audit of energy saving work of the enterprise, to give a one-time subsidy of 50 thousand yuan.

through the use of advanced technologies of production safety and production safety production safety special facilities and equipment, and get the country foundation, the provincial and municipal production safety standard identified enterprises, recommended

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