How to deal with the festival of high inventory

inventory is the problem we often encounter in the business, but also to many businesses are plagued by the problem, how to deal with inventory? How to deal with the festival inventory? The following, small series will be announced for you!


before the Spring Festival, a candy company won ten "stacking" A system, and took out his case for the store promotion promotion theme. Not only in the promotion of more than a year, but also the use of the air media – with a well-known national media to build the best singer of the year award activities. Store in the understanding of the company’s entire promotion plan, in order to cooperate with the company’s ground promotion, determine the best sales resources in the store for the exchange conditions. As the company’s activities in conjunction with the store, in order to ensure adequate supply of goods during the event, businesses and stores unilaterally signed a supply chain plan during the spring festival.

The order control of

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