The store wants to harvest more may wish to engage in promotion

shops do a sales promotion is not an easy thing, need to pre planning, and personnel arrangements, and re arrangement of goods…… Because of this trouble, many retail stores do not carry out the relevant promotion. In short, speaking of promotional activities, you will feel is a very troublesome thing, don’t bother to do, however, is often to make profitable store promotion.

cigarette display to innovation

cigarettes in our store, there are a lot of shopkeepers just play the role of display. Although cigarette display in order, but not particularly prominent, no characteristics, let customers feel the visual impact.

we can according to the actual situation of the store, such as festive smoke this kind of cigarette packaging, generally a big red festive, we can in a cigarette next to the counter decorating decoration, with red wedding greetings. Cigarettes can also be put into various shapes, in order to facilitate the customer to buy, but also can be a single out of the two cigarette display cabinets, cigarettes and non tobacco products for comprehensive display.

festive festive special collocation cigarette liquor, which can also provide consumers with a reference to the wedding mode, also in a certain extent, eliminating the customer choice problem, and an increase of income for our store. Display often changes can cause the attention of customers, they will also look into the store a few eyes, while enhancing the customer’s desire to buy.

promotional items should also be replaced in a timely manner

you can not sell cigarettes to customers as long as the same promotional items, you can learn from experience. That day, I accidentally went to the home to wander. You have a few customers to Taishan Hospitality (fine) box of smoke, the promotion he is going to have one, and introduces a long empty box can be exchanged for new store two bottles of hot drinks. Outside the sun people drink a bottle of drink in the blues, just refresh, the customer is very readily agreed, smoke is the smoke every day, can not avoid the next time also frequently come to Qin, simply to a whole cigarette. This is a successful promotion, so I learned a trick.

cooperate with suppliers to promote

as a result of the shop for a long time, the relationship with suppliers is also more harmonious. Whenever the town on a large set or in the holidays, joint suppliers in front of the shop to engage in promotional activities, so that customers did not enter the supermarket, let the front of the promotional merchandise to attract over. At the scene, there are daily necessities, condiments, blending oil, etc.. The display of these goods is also very new, are relatively popular products, in addition to their own brand of goods, quality, but more is to engage in promotional indeed attracted a lot of passers-by eye. Whether the supplier, or store this is a win-win situation.


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