What are the good dumplings to join the brand

before China fast-food brands have to introduce Chinese dumplings to join in this small series, the majority of entrepreneurs will continue to introduce more dumplings to join the project, for your reference, I hope to give the majority of entrepreneurs to provide some suggestions for

Baldy jiamengfei: $7.94-8.36 million

for the brand, do a good job of products and services is the basis for the brand glowing heat. Bald man since its inception has been attached great importance to the development of these two years, many years of insisting that it became a well-known brand in the industry. For the past achievements, bald guy never satisfied, in the course of the development of continuous reform and innovation, enhance the overall strength of the brand. Due to the bald guy brand so good, so joined the bald guy became a lot of entrepreneurs choice. The number of bald guy franchise fully demonstrated the bald man brand popularity in the entrepreneurial population.

double park dumplings franchise fee: RMB 258 thousand and 400 above

As a leader in the dumpling industry,

double hop dumpling has strong economic strength and solid technical foundation, and its products are well received by the consumers. Although the double hop dumplings now very brilliant performance, but it did not meet. Now double hop garden dumplings are still in constant innovation and reform, and strive to make the brand more perfect. A good brand is always no shortage of people to join, so the double hop into a lot of dumplings to choose the entrepreneur. Strong in the park under the guide of double dumplings, double park dumplings stores all over the country, brand awareness Cengceng rub up.

jiamengfei: Jubilee wheat Boiled dumplings RMB 16 thousand and 400

if a brand can be recognized by the market and consumers, it can be regarded as a good brand. The Jubilee wheat just Boiled dumplings do this, through the efforts, has become the leader in the industry. In many industry to create a miracle, or in the Jubilee wheat Boiled dumplings and constantly improve themselves, explore new products to attract different consumer demand, so a jubilee wheat Boiled dumplings quality brands, entrepreneurs can miss? Therefore, many people choose to join as open their own wheat Jubilee Boiled dumplings creative career. All over the country to join the Jubilee Jubilee wheat Boiled dumplings is wheat brand strength of the most direct recognition of Boiled dumplings.

seven Boiled dumplings franchise fee: RMB 99 thousand above

what is a good brand that is recognized by the market and consumers. Just seven Boiled dumplings is such a good brand, after years of efforts, has become a benchmark of the dumpling industry brand. However, the seven Boiled dumplings did not stop, but continue to adhere to innovation in the premise of quality products and services, enhance the brand strength. Seven Boiled dumplings as a growing brand, for entrepreneurs.

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