What are the famous Sichuan franchise brand

The visibility of the Sichuan

who do not know who do not know, it seems like a lot of people taste spicy, this is also the reason why many people love one of the reasons of Sichuan. China Sichuan is one of the four famous, famous at home and abroad, Sichuan cuisine is characterized by a cooking grid, a hundred dishes subway. Sichuan from development to production, perfect, has experienced a long process, so far as a cuisine, Sichuan cuisine materials extensive peculiar varieties are dazzling, flying in the sky, run, swim, the Sichuan master hand, prepared by cooking, suddenly become delicious food so, who admired. Sichuan chain

what brand is good?

What are the famous Sichuan

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, a small basket of Sichuan

Sichuan is a long history of very strong local flavor cuisine. As one of the four major cuisines in China, occupies an important position in the history of cooking, based on its extensive and varied seasonings, diverse dishes, refreshing taste Chunnong both, to use a spicy, flavor for hemp, spicy, sweet, salty, sour and bitter six. Small backpack Sichuan dishes variety, taste changeable, adaptable, inheritance of Sichuan "one dish a hundred dishes taste, taste more delicious and unique style. In the cooking process, the use of flavor, shade, the amount of secondary allocation changes can be obtained, aroma form has a special flavor and taste all kinds of delicious food.

pay attention to Sichuan cooking variety, taste more delicious. Small backpack in the choice of materials, knife, Sichuan dishes collocation, four aspects of cooking techniques, strict operation. Especially in the "fry" is more originality. Many dishes are used "gift" approach, characterized by short, rapid heat, less juice, taste fresh.

two, Chongqing Township People

Yu Heung people Sichuan Museum is a virtue of the traditional style in Beijing developed gradually since 1998, Chongqing and Sichuan Museum, taste village store opened, is loved by the people. It is mainly around the capital city, so that people in the bustling metropolis enjoy the sweet taste of earthy soil.

Yu Heung people Sichuan Museum, an authentic Chongqing sister do Sichuan Museum, initially want to deliver the people of Sichuan on the table for guests to eat meals, a cafeteria, and now, all kinds of food can be found in almost Chongqing township people, the waiters are the mountains of Chongqing girl, they are forceful, competent, honest, diligent speech and deportment show character. Yu Heung people so far, no advertising exaggerated, almost all of the customers good word-of-mouth.

three video, Sichuan Museum

"video Sichuan Museum" is the Chengdu Pakistan cloth.

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