What are the advantages of joining wok braised beef

, stewed chicken, stewed pork stew anything, have you seen stewed steak? Today Xiaobian to recommend to you is a pan stewed steak catering to join the project.

Hu Ma according to the north wind, the South Branch of the bird’s nest. Regional natural environment and cultural atmosphere for the food around the body to create a natural endowment. In the mountains, rough and bold as the soul of man and woman man element penetration in the way of doing things, melting in the curl of smoke in the cauldron of firewood. Iron stew northeast as the most representative way of cooking has played an irreplaceable role in folk. An iron pan, eclectic, various ingredients, rich and poor can be melted into a furnace and each other. Wok braised beef to join what are the advantages of it? To introduce below.

wok braised beef? What are the advantages? See the following details:

pan braised beef join advantage:

strong brand power (chain is the best influence, Xin diners catering coverage in 8 provinces)

precise market positioning (do not do a flash in the pan high consumption, only do the mass consumer market)

site selection and decoration recommendations (no food and beverage experience headquarters to help site selection, to provide advice and decoration decoration)

unified style culture (carry forward national culture, establish the brand of the wind)

without professional chef (cook shop to run away no longer worry, you will make the same taste and headquarters 100%


mass consumption purposes (food and beverage industry want to do five or ten years or even a hundred years is not accepted by the people of the, is the acceptance of 90%)

regional security support (a certain range of market headquarters to give you a person to operate, will not invest in other franchisees)

free training support (business headquarters sent home early training and kitchen front, whether you have no experience, have confidence on the line)

free guidance support (guide the pre opening preparation work, personnel scheduling, management focus, reception process, service focus.


free marketing support (planning focus on sales, focusing on sales expansion, positioning sales crowd, follow the consumer market demand)

these are small to introduce the iron pot stewed steak to join the brand advantage, if you join the project to the wok braised beef is interested in and want to join the idea, please give us a message on our website below, see the message after the first time we will reply to you. < >

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