Five Sichuan franchise brand recommended

Chongqing Sichuan to join the brand in a lot of investment projects are good, because Chongqing Sichuan spicy, able to bring people on the tongue experience, so open a restaurant is a very good choice. The following small for a few good Sichuan restaurant brand do you recommend.

TOP1. take

Take the ferry

spicy hot pot is the history master to Beijing people love the taste of Sichuan, Chongqing and other places is also compatible with the spicy flavor and fusion. Especially in the spicy hot pot in Beijing R & D original, well received by the community, its unique taste, spicy Beijing, swept the country, now became the capital of the industry’s well-known brands.

from Beijing to take the management of food and Beverage Co., Ltd. business so far, in the operating style, environment, taste, service, management has been well received by customers, the company has been rapid development. With this opportunity, the company is now actively developing in Beijing has already opened 8 direct spicy hot pot shop, 28 stores nationwide cooperation.

Take the ferry

spicy hot pot franchise support

1, technical training, training, twenty quarter update formula secret dishes, staple food series features.

2, the use of the brand, the authorization of the bronze medal, the opening certificate, unified image design, franchise management system.

3, on-site training, distribution, operation, the waiter chef attendant recruitment and training management, cost accounting.

4, unified tableware and kitchenware distribution.

5, professional teachers with shop 1-4 weeks to ensure that the chain opened hot business.

TOP2. Chuan Cheng Yuan

yuan fine into Sichuan spicy hot pot Beijing Flavor Food Co., the company’s flagship brand, Beijing spicy hot pot industry "leader", began in 2004 in the East New World Food City, authentic taste is unique since Needless to say, lies in the smart materials, varieties of the whole, form wonderful.

yuan fine into Sichuan spicy hot pot, stir fried meat dishes into the Hot pot, chocolate, spicy aroma! Product is divided into a few spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy spicy Yan five grade, a moment of different grade spicy ingredients over the tip of the tongue, guests can feel fragrant spicy, soft hemp, let people eat not tire 100, unable to stop.

TOP3. Shun Yuan Dragon

spicy hot pot shop has set the general level of spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy and slightly small, short service time >

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