s the snack bar suitable for opening in the downtown area

is not all the food and beverage outlets are suitable to open in the downtown area? We can see most of the restaurant is opened in the downtown area, so we think that it is a correct choice, in fact, is not the case, a lot of business opportunities are missed.

the first, large snack food market. Not all food snack shops to shop in lots of gold can not, like the super snack food market, large warehouse style shopping malls, although located in remote areas, but it can lure consumers like a magnet, even gradually surrounding economic prosperity. This is because the operation of the food and beverage market, the need for storage of funds and space is not small, in the high price of rent today, if you choose to shop in prime locations, it is contrary to economic principles. It is important to supermarkets, warehouse shopping consumers in the purchase, it is about the goods range, reasonable price, broad space, convenient parking, traffic, and set up in remote areas, will be able to take into account these factors, from afar results.

Third, snack food factory. As for the snack food factory to set up factories in place but also to consider the price, tax, transportation, food, the upstream and downstream enterprises, import and export of goods are convenient, and staff recruitment and other conditions, but also consider the analysis of industry characteristics, consumer groups and do market research work, to finalize the location of local issues, if the election in the remote location is good, the cost will be reduced, and the noise is not disturbing machine.


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