Businessmen should be honest

how to do business can be more trusted by customers, and then let the shop business is booming? Each owner has its own business methods. In order to retain customers, to improve our store visibility and reputation, can rely on propaganda, but I think it is more important to rely on credit. Only in the minds of customers to establish a good reputation, in order to truly improve our store visibility and reputation, retain customers, increase sales.

"business oriented". Do business should be sincere to win, to win the letter, 000 do CCTV exposure of 15 3· and selling counterfeit cigarettes, return the moldy bread reconstruction, tampering with the production time, and integrity draw further apart.

Li Jiacheng’s classic saying "you must treat people with sincerity, others will reciprocate." Japanese Mitsui Corp President Ikeda Sungbinjo who wrote "De is fundamental, money is the end of" eight characters, it summarizes the successful experience of Ikeda Sungbin business. Thus, it is very important to pay attention to business ethics. In today’s society, people are taking, linli shops offer great, free to choose the time and space for consumer goods. If consumers think deceived, even did not receive timely and thoughtful service, shopping will be terminated, and next time it is very difficult to visit our shop, this is the only rule of the market today.

therefore, we have to open the store colleagues must remember that their business is very important. Some business colleagues say, contrary trading, I fooled each time, kill time, I will be rich. As everyone knows, the transfer of information between consumers can not be ignored, offend a consumer, it will lose credibility in a large number of consumers.

we have opened a new rice frog Hot pot shop, issued a lot of advertising, hit 20 yuan a catty, can go to the customer in the store is provided on the order to see such a statement: "1 to 3 limit to 6 Jin, 4 jin limit half, more than 8 people two Jin, exceed the limit amount at 48 yuan." How much of the "conditions" that many diners arrive in the menu, see lost appetite, turned back and never be out of.

publicity and promotions may be able to attract customers into the store, but it is difficult to retain these guests, the store is very few repeat customers, which will naturally result in high operating costs. Thus, in our daily operations, business ethics, integrity is how important. "Fools make wise men earn today, tomorrow". What we do is long-term business, any practice to deceive customers, and ultimately can only hit their own brand.

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