Construction of beautiful countryside in Chongqing towards a beauty

in our real life, although the city has a large population but more of the rural population, so the construction of the countryside is a matter of urgency. The beautiful village is a microcosm of the beautiful Chinese, manifestation of good ecological environment and the village is the beautiful countryside, also can reflect the degree of civilization of the country. Recently, the reporter came to Chongqing, Chongqing, the progress of the construction of the beautiful countryside. Chongqing beautiful rural construction, towards a piece of beauty, we look at the following specific reports.

has a "mountain city" of Chongqing, accounting for 76% of the mountain, which brings a big challenge to the rural construction of Chongqing. Since 2013, Chongqing has always adhered to the alpine ecosystems poverty relocation as the starting point to the demonstration village construction as the focal point, combine the new rural construction and the construction of the beautiful countryside, to promote rural construction from "a beauty" to "a piece of beauty", from "a beauty" to "lasting beauty", from "environmental beauty" to "the development of beauty".

to improve the living environment, towards a beautiful

Gan Ning town Wanzhou District Nanqiao village, a unified style of White House well-proportioned distribution in citrus trees. Just enter the village, the reporter’s attention was attracted by the walls of a green publicity card. Go up and see marked "household cleaning Convention" and "household cleaning publicity card" and "the assessment results of the public information.

according to Gansu town mayor Li Yi introduced the so-called "household cleaning", according to the characteristics of distribution of rural households is a courtyard, a plurality of domain, covering the village courtyard community "household cleaning sheet" is set in every village, the residents shared the film "in front of three", the public area cleaning, prohibit sewage collection exhaust and garbage disposal responsibility place classification. "In this way, can strengthen the rural garbage sewage source control, reduce transportation cost, improve the village unified comprehensive environmental health outlook." Because of the system to take the spirit of encouragement, the combination of internal and external incentives, "not only award" model, thus forming a set of simple, farmers can accept, the government’s low cost of the operating system.

currently Nan Qiao Cun there are 43 households in the "household cleaning". "In the beginning, the villagers are skeptical of this system, then simply let the village cadres take the lead in the implementation of development, the villagers saw the effect after the enthusiasm was mobilized." Li Yi said, now the implementation of the "town of Gansu Ningxia household cleaning mode has achieved great success, as the promotion experience.

villagers Mao Shiping told reporters: "since the implementation of the" household cleaning ", village environment is beautiful, when you see the assessment results in" excellent ", feel particularly proud."

development of ecological agriculture, towards a lasting beauty

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