How to attract customers to open maternity clothing stores

consumer demand for special consumer groups in the modern society, gradually get the attention of investors. For example, pregnant women’s clothing store, is a very good choice, then the opening of maternity clothing stores how to attract customers? How much experience do you know?

A, warm return: return most stores face is not very good, even if it is returned to the customer, but also reluctant. If there is a store to return than sellers but also the attitude of enthusiasm, this store will be able to retain customers, because it retain the hearts of customers.

two, the interpretation of 30 kinds of products: psychologists tell us that this more than 5 kinds of products or light customers ask not to buy, the salesperson will start impatient, more than 10 have sales to customers but also the patience to explain. Under normal circumstances can only ask not to buy customers to explain the 15 products even if it is a miracle. We need to do is: to the 15 varieties as the starting point, if you want to write on the face: "impatient" three words, at least after this 30 kinds of products, if she did not buy, we say: I feel shy, not suitable for your products in our shop. The next time we must have more complete varieties.

three, let her buy products: if certain products are not suitable for her, determined to tell her, this product is not suitable for her.

five, let the ears: erect ears, listen to customers speak, don’t sell goods to her from A to Z. Sometimes listening is more effective than selling.

six, the precise time to store hours: will inevitably be out of stock, if the customer asked what time will arrive, the general answer is: about a day will come, we have to do is: a day will arrive at 4 p.m.. Hear this answer, customer loyalty to you at least 30 percentage points.

seven, the door to the refund to the customer: if overcharged customers money, the customer is unaware of the situation, we must come to return, to bring the best little gifts to apologize. More money is less, this heart can not give up.

eight, and as a lift: many stores only up not down, meaning is clear: it is for you to pay down or not to buy, or have been paid for. The shop is the same, is to smile, to actually don’t have stern manner, and enthusiasm, as long as do the customers smile in, can send out a smile.

nine, of course, the clerk to wink: pregnant women saw quite a large belly, how with shopping bags I don’t help for the customer, want to make recommendation

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