Guangxi introduced a number of initiatives to support employment and entrepreneurship clear

now is a good opportunity to start, because our country governments have introduced many relevant measures to promote and promote entrepreneurship, in many places such a measure it is very specific, let’s look at.

specific initiatives include: first, to meet the conditions for development of new jobs in the enterprise, the local government to give social insurance subsidies. Around the city, according to the actual of been found to meet the development of leading industry and the development of new jobs, and signed a labor contract for more than 1 years of enterprise and employment, give 1 years of social insurance subsidies for new employment according to the actual payment of the basic old-age insurance, basic medical insurance and unemployment insurance.

two is identified as business incubators in the public record space, given two years of rent subsidies, broadband access. Three is assigned to the business incubator of new enterprises to absorb employment subsidies and subsidized loans to support. Four is to expand the employment of college graduates to rural areas to enjoy tuition compensation policy. Five is to further improve the employment subsidy standards.

for a government of such measures, in fact, as the majority of entrepreneurs who can not miss a good opportunity, so at the same time, such a move to Guangxi, but also opened a precedent for other provinces, more detailed content.


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