How to sell men’s clothing store

although the operation of women’s clothing business is indeed very fierce competition, however, the market on the women’s business skills are also very much. Moreover, there are many differences in women’s clothing store management and daily operations, if the management ideas to business men’s women’s clothing store shop, perhaps to be dismissed, the manager will not understand where I went wrong. So, men’s clothing store how to sell? How to operate will make business better?

knew the man’s idea to manage men’s clothing store

to analyze the difference between men’s and women’s sales, the most basic is to understand the differences between the male and female customer base. Men’s clothing for men to sell the general characteristics of the existence of male customers have some common features: the purchase of a strong purpose, high brand loyalty and weak fashion sense. In this regard, men’s owner can be an antidote against the disease, crush one by one. Men are not as keen on shopping as women. It is well known that in general men go shopping in a targeted manner. At the same time, men don’t like women in shopping are keen to chat, shopping and even become good friends, so do men’s clothing store shopping guide to simple watch key.


understand the needs of customers in the most short time, namely in time, occasion and purpose, and try as much as possible in the process with simple and vivid language to impress customers, not only at say "very good" this word no nutrition. When a male customer into the store alone is the best time to guide the ability to play. Men than women pay more attention to the material and the practicality of clothing, you have to let him feel value for money, they are more likely to be the professional shopping guide. And if customers in the shopping guide in the side try on, just say "nice", or boundless said that some recommended reason, this lack of logic and professional words will be regarded as the voice of hate customers.

and another crucial selling secret is to see if there are any women around the male customers. There are two different ways to deal with the situation of shopping and accompanying women.

1. see who is the gatekeeper

more than half of the case is a male customer side with a woman, the woman is often his wife or girlfriend. In this case the guide must understand that women are the final say, while men are only responsible for money. When a pair of men and women into the men’s clothing store, shopping guide service should focus on female customers. This guide should be at their point of view, to observe her reaction when a companion fancy style to be sure. Sometimes you can even communicate and win praise her affection.

2. impress men with details

not only selling words can impress customers, attract men with the show

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