Let your site is not Baidu K off

do stand three points must always remember not to offend!

do stand first is urgent. This "not urgent" what does that mean? There are two meanings: one is that you should not use the collection methods, or even by acquisition, the best can manually modify into their own! Every day does not need more than 20 articles enough! This is a lot of predecessors have said many times, but I said here is an experience for me, which I have collected about 3000 articles, although these articles can be engines, but can not bring traffic, because it exists in the network is of no significance, now the engine has enough wisdom to judge these rubbish! The acquisition, direct let the engine have a certain resentment on the site, which need to spend more effort to change the bad state in the late stage, it is not more tiring? Second mean please stand Parents do not believe those mass software vendors boast, use group to promote the site, or to increase the chain! Once used the mass software, You’ll see., "I do not" what is the meaning of the

!Because we can’t send the

intervention, so those spam messages on your site filled the entire network, and this will be the day after you direct site is the biggest hidden danger of K! Maybe Google and Yahoo will be a little better, but the Baidu K station does not discuss the character, that is the death of my poor site! The biggest reason is Baidu K, I estimate and this has a very close relationship, in fact I do is normal station, just do not understand the stakes, this should not rush to use the "lethal weapon"! Now what? Die


do stand second is not hair. "Not" what does that mean? Because we are not the topic of this post is Baidu K, so of course is in the site of Baidu hair! Especially Post Bar and know! Before I was a lot of traffic from the K station, Post Bar, because I was desperately in Post Bar send promotional Stickers! I am naive believe that these means nothing more than to promote it! But the engine do not think so, Baidu does not think so! As the day I was K station, I found that Baidu Post Bar did not come over even a discharge! Why? I want to do something in the Baidu nose is not enough! But hair hair, you can complain why? No one told


so, please think of promotion friend, Baidu Post Bar and know, the amount can be, do not spend great efforts to bring their own pushed into the pit of fire! (also added, is to write this article after several days to think of a thing, just don’t hand to your site and content independent forum or message like this to promote hair stick, this is actually the results and use the mass is as bad as it is, the greater amount of mass, and manual posting amount and a little slow, but will cause the chain too much, is the engine send some original suggestions to punish! The relevant forum, this is the best promotion method!) "

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