Do not be able to invest in their own property

a lot of investors in order to express their determination, decided to burn their time, once saw a career, you put all the property itself, if successful fortunately, if failed, it is no way to do business, so can not put all their property!


fruit Library in AppStore is described in the "daily the vast sea of commodities, including interesting and useful and valuable commodity, fast and simple and direct way to show you." Due to the development of products, there will be more upfront investment. In addition to the partner’s money, half of the company’s start-up funds from Zhou Shijun himself. He also sold a set of real estate loans, 250 thousand yuan will be invested in the venture.

– what is the biggest business cost? Time is more valuable than money, for individual entrepreneurs, the biggest opportunity cost is their own time.

– what is the former entrepreneurs did not expect problems? Good products can not get the money at once. Even in the popular mobile Internet industry, not every team seems to be able to fly in the shape of the product to get the money.

– why should stay away from it? Putting your personal assets and career in the same basket is too risky.

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