Linghu Chong fish to see the name to know is not the same

a laughter, The Legendary Swordsman in Linghu Chong’s image before the show. Of course, small not in terms of martial arts novels, is to tell you to come out of the Linghu fish, look at it.

Linghu Chong fish join advantage:

1, Linghu Chong enjoys fish trademark, business model, technology secret, reputation of the right to the use of


2, enjoy the headquarters of the development of specialty dishes and the right to sell new products;

3, get the headquarters to assist in the location of the store, market research, business planning, procurement and distribution and operational guidance support;

4, to accept the headquarters of the training system, to prove the successful experience in the industry to operate their own business;

5, ready to decorate the model, the overall design of the store, a unified image of VI, enabling companies to quickly start

6, a complete set of headquarters before the opening of a comprehensive set of service security system;

7, enjoy a variety of seminars organized by the headquarters, the Council and the right;

8, enjoy the headquarters of the annual advertising and public support activities;

9, enjoy exclusive management advantages of each district;

10, the headquarters of backing, with their brothers branch auxiliary, all joined the store no longer enjoy the Wang Poda family fight a lone battle, the joy of success.

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