On behalf of members of the hot double excitation dynamic strong energy

management has improved the government work report, in NPC and CPPCC has also been on behalf of the members of the hot 2016, or business, in the face of such a golden opportunity, China entrepreneurs need to act!

2015, Chinese has issued 24 documents, the implementation of a number of preferential policies to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation". In 2016 the national NPC and CPPCC, "double" was written into the government work report, and was given a more specific content. How to stimulate innovation "the first power", on behalf of members to speak freely, each one airs his own views.

"innovation to establish technology industrialization platform. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, the establishment of a platform for communication and cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs." A member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of China science and Technology Association Chen Zhangliang told reporters that the current real scientific research personnel should become the main force of the "double", but now researchers entrepreneurial atmosphere is not active.

to create a good ecological environment

"in the" double "will produce a lot of new formats, new industries, new pattern, and the traditional service sector has been greatly expanded, new economic growth point emerging." The National People’s Congress, Yunnan Baiyao Group Chairman Wang Minghui said that under the new normal, the success of enterprises has changed from simple to meet the market demand to take the initiative to create and lead the new market demand.

wants the government to create a good environment for social innovation in strategy and macro level, it is important to create a good institutional environment, industries and enterprises from the level of facilities, from the aspects of Taxation, market access, supervision, industry planning guidance, incentive mechanism, build a good the innovation is recommended

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