How to do the brand children’s wear agent


said women’s money and children earn money is the best, but with the increase of a brand, or the children’s clothing store opened, a children’s clothing store is closed, it is a few happy tears, children’s agents are constantly upgrading, so choose a what kind of brand is very important to take care of.

is the first market trend analysis. Children’s clothing is currently a more potential plate. Dealers in the choice of brands of these trends must understand, although not necessarily in accordance with the trend to choose the brand, but the trend of understanding, in the choice of brands have an overall grasp.

followed by the analysis of their market position. Different brands have different market, high-end brands are not suitable for all markets, for example, in some economically less developed in the two or three line of the market is not the introduction of high-end brands, especially high-end international brands, and more suitable for the introduction of some take the amount of the Volkswagen brand. The Distributor shall fully consider the characteristics of the local market in the choice of brands, do the investigation and analysis in advance, understand the income level, consumption habits of the local consumer groups and market brand distribution rate, which determines the choice of brand values.

then the analysis of its own. The analysis includes the analysis of investment funds, investment funds can determine the positioning of the brand choice, and relates to the scope of the market (such as province generation, generation etc.); analysis of brand operation ability, if not to use the brand, then the dealer should be cautious in choosing a brand, the best choice of brand management ability of the enterprise. So it can provide more support in brand operation; team analysis, for bigger regional agent dealers (such as the provincial level agents), must have their own team, a person is not possible to run "brand, which also determines your network construction, the network does not mean there are many people people in your purchase, but how many distributors have a long-term and stable cooperation with you." Dealers in the choice of the brand, it is necessary to take into account whether there is such a network, at the same time, the choice of the mature brand is also very important to this point.

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