How to communicate with customers more easily

at present, many young people want to start a business of their own shop, but the shop will have to meet the customer door, how easy to communicate with customers? Let’s find out,

tips: easier to communicate with customers several words

1, special induction method

example: "Miss, you lucky, thanks to the consumer / company anniversary, we × × × product is in favourable, I would like to introduce you?"

2, positive induction method: determine the advantages of the product (highlighting new, etc.)

example: "Miss, you really have a good taste, the × × is our best selling, last month sold out, just purchase the latest / this year, both in terms of environmental protection, and other styles are better than similar products, but also to create a variety of art forms of"

3, praise induction: sure the customer’s advantage

: "this is your child, really cute, little friend, how old?"

"Miss, your hair is very beautiful, where to do ah?" (carefully)

4, self deprecating curiosity

: "Miss, Zha a look, it is not as if we feel that our products with other products no difference ah, the price seems to be higher than they do? Let me give you a brief introduction ^_^

personal tips:

if you feel close to the customer when still feel nervous, so you can pretend to side a clever tally, using one of the above operation is better then accidentally.

is the first shop to greet customers off to do business, but many owners do not pay attention to the guests when speaking skills, one or two wrong customers annoyed that nature can not do good business, so, want a friend, from how to more easily learn to communicate with customers!

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