Have you ever seen an extraordinary alternative

can make a lot of money personality more or less difference with ordinary people, their minds are not ordinary people can understand, have great endurance, thick skinned, can long wait, in some people seem unbelievable things, in their view this is the process of success, and not what is not the same. Here are a few alternative ways to get rich, look at it!

rich patterns of behavior is different from ordinary people, often made in violation of social norms, makes others jealous. Sam, founder of WAL-MART, the largest retailer in the United States, and ·, often upset the market price of. Once caught the opportunity, he would wait for an opportunity to bargain to the supplier. So suppliers know that it’s not easy to do business with WAL-MART. Therefore, if you want to be a gentleman, it is best to dispel Regal dream.

to long-term wealth, we must have enough courage, refuse the temptation of short-term interests, hold the core assets. Microsoft’s Bill · Gates can years won the world’s rich list, is due to that he was able to resist the temptation, do not give up a majority stake in Microsoft. Any investor is not rich when he is on the road to riches. It takes a long time to wait, reasonable arrangements for the funds in their hands, choose the direction of investment, so anyone can become rich.

1967, North Carolina’s Ralph brothers decided to sell shares to raise funds to open a grocery store. They contacted 100 acquaintances who bought their own shares at a price of $10 per share for $100. More than 30 years later, the original grocery store has become a chain of more than 1 thousand " king of food, ", a large company. Its stock price of $109 per share, when the investor has become a millionaire in the top 78.

to offbeat skills

1960, Han asked and Georgina came to the United States from Cuba, penniless. They worked as a reporter after graduating from college in 1966. Their strategy is to get rich save every penny, as bank savings is compounded, so the couple monthly to the bank. Their life is very frugal, discounted merchandise they often buy things, often cut from a newspaper. Coupons to buy cheap things, to bring lunch. A few years later, they save most of their income. It was not until 1987 that they took out $1250 to invest in mutual funds, and became millionaires in 8 years.

today credit card companies all kinds of preferential measures to attract new customers. Banks are also vigorously promoting housing mortgages, the average person in the face of such

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