Mala shop site in what local business is very hot

delicious spicy we always a lot of people can not refuse the temptation, is well worth the investment of a small industry, catering industry has been a very profitable industry in China, into the catering industry, catering industry and rich prospects immeasurable, the industry also has a lot of projects: for example, Western-style food Chinese food, food and so on, but now the popular catering project number malatang. Simple operation and easy to use, is the first choice of many investment projects catering, but want to open a mala shop location is very important, here and we detailed analysis, Malatang store location guide:

residential area near the door

residential community customers generally average, Malatang dining area stores should be enough to accommodate the table dishes, the selection and collocation of relatively rich decoration should reflect a cordial and warm feeling, to meet the needs of adults and children. For lunch, dinner, snack consumption and holidays, does not appear obvious off-season and peak seasons. To Hot pot spicy, spicy casserole bowl and spicy business preferred.

school and unit door

Every year the students leave

deduction generally only nine months of business, Mala shop for University, college, school occupation and junior high school and senior high school students usually learn to drive consumer groups, the consumption level is not high, but the repeated consumption ability, vulnerable to the popular trend of food, so food changes to innovate, to high environmental hygiene requirements, which is an important basis for their choice of dining locations; lunch, dinner, supper all can do, have a business; during the summer vacation to the surrounding homes or put consumer groups, business will be relatively quiet, but profits can still be well guaranteed. Malatang stores to sign Malatang, suggestions on bowls of spicy spicy and casseroles for business preferred.

business district near

Malatang stores choose to work together the local ethnic, activity time in the daytime, so consumption time is due to lunch, lunch time is not long, but the meals are in between 11-13, the supply rate higher, industrial and commercial areas of the dining environment is not high, emphasis on hygiene, service attitude is better, the seats can be compared intensive, to accommodate more customers, dinner only overtime meals, such as pay attention to your dishes for dinner, business help, every Monday to Friday is the consumer focus time, Saturday is relatively light. To sign on suggestions of spicy, bowl and spicy spicy casserole for business preferred.

walking street or night market

night, all kinds of gathering, it is a collection of entertainment, shopping and dining etc. all kinds of industries, the large flow of people at the same time, competition is relatively intense, so Mala shop to strongly emphasizes the characteristics, recommended

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