Off-season business can also create a festive atmosphere

during the festival, the major stores have a very strong festive atmosphere, the customer is coming, the owners do not have to worry about the nature of the business problems. Commodity sales peak where? Many of our operators will say that, of course, the Chinese New Year holiday! However, after the peak sales, significantly fewer traffic, sales continued to decline. That as our retail customers, can not create an atmosphere of sale, the festive atmosphere indefinitely extended, do not slack season. It can be said that!

no traditional holidays, we can also use their brains to create their own holiday. Can also be through certain means of marketing to some obscure sections such as: bigger, Valentine’s day, 38 day, April Fool’s day, consumer rights day, father’s day, mother’s day, children’s day and holiday, as long as to seize these sections, create their own stores and large scale highlights, propaganda, why not put bar bigger, off-season market well.

US stores, in the annual off-season will launch a series of promotions, such as the Spring Festival every year after the launch of the anniversary promotional activities, and then launched a series of promotional activities will spring, for a period of time after the Spring Festival, although other stores is a deserted house, and we have been here in the supermarket customers gather sales continue to rise, people feel the store in the deep spring.

so, as long as we use our brains to think of ways, not only to enhance the popularity, but also to maximize the benefit of customers, attracting more customers". In the Spring Festival after the end of a series, we will launch a shopping culture week, set off a small climax in the off-season marketing. So, in the off-season during this period, there are still opportunities to be tapped, as long as we don’t do fine do small businesses, strong, still be able to put the off-season market well, achieved good operating performance.

at the same time, our businesses can also use the local folk festival, chamber of Commerce, events and other major activities in this period, the flow of people is also the peak of operations well, will bring the shopping climax, then we should be business savvy, not only to a positive response, but also to make bold participation of the occasion supporting the promotion of commercial activities, and jointly carry out or sponsor some shopping activities, not only to expand the store, can also expand the off-season sales market.

annual "Huaiyang delicacy Festival" is in the light of the July sales, our stores has been the organizers units, not only for the festival of small food and drinking water, and fruit drinks are provided by our store, we also played a delicacy in Huaian, shopping to Su fruit "advertising language, and distribute some coupons for the participants of the staff.

many participating personnel are usually only heard some names have never seen real heavyweights, many customers have to store shopping, pure.

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