What preparations do you need to run a franchise brand

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into a major event, not only pay more attention to the details not to stick at trifles, change, ready to let you twice work before the chain stores, so is the restaurant open. So if you want to run a franchise brand, what are the preparatory work to do? Look at the following specific introduction

1, open chain restaurant brand market research

shop before you do not worry, remember not impulsive act. First to the local food and beverage market investigation, to find some local friends, it is best to be a chef opened chain restaurant brand, about together to eat, drink, listen to their opinions, if there is a two point of social relationship that is better friends, talk to them about you the idea that shop is not big, they can help you a lot, but they will not be too difficult.

2, open chain restaurant brands to write a book about the plan

barbecue shop although it is a small shop, but since you have invested in your career, to be careful to treat, not lazy and escape everything. To do business, there must be analysis ability is very good, you want to do a plan, including: peer competition, you choose the shop location facing the consumer groups, your shop scale for the mode of operation, peer barbecue stores sell those goods what sell well, cost analysis, profit if the initial analysis, the cold months, adhere to the operation if the operation how to long-term development and so on.

3, open chain restaurant brand taste and business experience


is the relatively large size of the barbecue shop, can compare the experience and ability of the barbecue master, in taste completely dependent on him, because the wage level is relatively high, generally not quit, should pay more attention to management experience. If it is to open a store, barbecue taste must hold their own, because we met a lot of shops in the business gradually from the improvement after the barbecue chef hike, ask for a high salary or profit sharing. A lot of barbecue shops are eventually closed down. Because the store is to eat the taste, if the taste changed, the guests will not come naturally. Open a small barbecue shop, it is recommended to find a shop for many years to learn how to run a shop operating experience, familiar with all aspects of the various shops, the accumulation of points. Many people say that workers can learn to barbecue recipe, this is not the reality, if the boss finally recognized you, and your shop on what he did not consider his threats, put forward to buy formula, small barbecue taste is the profit of this to remember.

4, open chain restaurant brand store location and the face of consumer

site selection: should be selected in factories, office buildings, commercial downtown area, schools, such as the vicinity of the working class or student concentration >

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