Xiaobian teach you to open a successful weapon cleaning shop

now people’s living conditions are good, pay more attention to their own health and overall image, dental health has become a hot industry. Therefore, Bay special whitening care teeth "scaling shop" big market. So, how to successfully open a clean shop? Xiaobian this is about you.

, a scheme of

1, a shop 1015 square meters of the dressing room, the monthly rent of 8001000 yuan, store decoration can be simply himself ".

2, a permit: the Ministry of health has been clearly defined, but does not belong to the category of a beauty, which belongs to the medical category. Therefore, in the process of opening the formalities, in addition to health permits and business licenses, but also for medical institutions practicing license.

3, the purchase of the equipment purchase: electronics, ultrasonic scaler, chairs and other auxiliary equipment 2800 yuan, about 1000 yuan, when buying a machine, be sure to buy appliances after recognized medical department.

4, a shop open need to install a telephone office.

5, staff recruitment and training: only a cleaning machine can not recruit staff, such as more than 2 may be appropriate to recruit 12 people.

two, the investment budget of

1, a shop facade rent: 8001000 yuan monthly rent. Shop for the first time to pay three months rent of about $3000.

2, simple decoration: about 2000 yuan.

3, processing: all relevant documents for the dental shop about 1000 yuan.

4, installed Office Phone: about 400 yuan.

5, the purchase of the equipment: ultrasonic scaler, the retail price of 3500 yuan; 350 yuan / handle work; work tip 100 yuan / only; the electromagnetic valve 80 yuan / only; the foot switch 50 yuan / only; the total price of 4080 yuan, the above price is for reference only.

6, advertising: about 5000 yuan.

7, with a total investment of about 16 thousand.

three, benefit analysis

The rise of

Four, the risk analysis of


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