What is the best time to do an English class

do a good job of publicity, so that the business of the cause of the higher visibility, so that it can make the business become more popular, because of this, now entrepreneurs who invest in any business, naturally will take into account the issue of publicity. And now English training is quite popular in business investment, not only need seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan, give people the feeling that the only threshold is the problem of teachers, but according to insiders, even if investors to solve the problem of teachers, if you neglect another invisible threshold, it is still very difficult to make money.

is the threshold of this invisible propaganda, especially the newly established training institutions.

is the "death", opened the winter summer opening is "change"

according to a person in charge of education and training institutions in Tianjin, the vast majority of education and training business hours is the time for students to leave. So many new English training institutions are used to conduct propaganda during the two holiday.


is a holiday, but the effect is very different. The first winter vacation, for a short time, and the middle and the Spring Festival, in addition to the cold weather, most of the parents are not willing to let their children to participate in the training in this period, so the propaganda effect is not good; and summer vacation, students because of the long time, but not what during the holidays, parents are willing to let the children participate in various training, propaganda effect is very good.

although many investors know the importance of publicity, but can not grasp the time, leading to the cause of the business has been very big resistance, for the latter part of the profit naturally caused a very big impact. In short, if investors ignore the problem, the choice of winter vacation publicity, coupled with the brand effect is not high, it is difficult to attract business, which also means that investors may have nearly half of the time facing bleak situation. Weak cash flow investors may die.

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