What strategies can be adopted in the Spring Festival

day is day after day, very fast, see the end of the year, and the new year is about to begin, the Spring Festival is less and less from our day. And every Spring Festival is the time of the retail business is hot, do a good job of cigarette marketing has become a very large number of shopkeepers are looking forward to one thing. However, want to do a good job of the relevant work, naturally also need to take certain strategies. So, what do you do in Spring Festival?

, a special display for cigarette campaign

usually idle to government nearby shops around, I found them in the smoke will be sold after some high-grade cigarette packaging tape cross tied together, placed in the store to attract export business. So I’ll follow this approach and follow my example. In addition, I also used to promote cigarette making handicrafts, and placed in a conspicuous position of goods to attract the attention of customers.

cold towards the coming after the freezer and disappear. I had an idea, think of the freezer remove the cover of the cigarette on my display". After this year, only to carry the lid on the refrigerator OK. Using a refrigerator to store cigarettes or other items is more eye-catching and more attractive to the eye. This is not the only way to display for 3 months, to my family to buy the whole cigarette customers more and more sales growth.

to sell cigarettes, cigarette end to an ample supply of inventory, to have and customers receive purchase cigarettes before the deposit. And from the new year’s Day is not too busy, you can boldly move some of the characteristics of cigarettes outside the store display sales.

two, change passive wait for active contact

every new year’s day, tobacco companies will be a lot of smoke. I will combine the experience of previous years, focusing on hoarding funds into the purchase of the largest activities of the first cigarette, and the Spring Festival before the best promotional policies for the last cigarette. In the middle of this I will ensure adequate supply is not out of stock. Because I will invest 95% of all funds into the smoke, which is bound to increase my inventory pressure, will inevitably affect the order of other goods. I will be in the next, or to the ious way, or to smoke the boycott, the wedding banquet will use more frequently to offset cigarette suppliers.

in fact, suppliers are resourceful, their relatives and friends will do more, during the Spring Festival approaching, relatives and friends have weddings and funerals? In the actual operation of previous years, this approach is successful. We usually send dragon fish, send the white washing powder, send the firecrackers, have help me contact and sales of high-grade cigarette. And at the end of the year, more suppliers are hoping to sell out as quickly as possible, so they will naturally accept my offer.

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