The top ten brands in hospitals

as a place to heal, the hospital is a very special existence for millions, but due to the huge population of Chinese, geographical territory, so that the hospital brand very much. Although there will be a level difference, but some hospitals in the country are famous. So, the hospital which brand reputation? Here, let Xiaobian to introduce the hospital’s top ten brands list.

hospital ten brands list NO.1, Union Hospital – Peking Union Medical College Hospital:

was founded in 1921, is affiliated with Peking Union Medical College, diagnosis and treatment of difficult and serious technical guidance center, China’s first commitment to the task of foreign medical units.

hospital ten brands list NO.2, Huashan hospital – Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University:

was founded in 1907, a comprehensive teaching hospital affiliated to Fudan University and the Chinese Red Cross hospital.

hospital ten brand list NO.3, PLA General Hospital General Hospital of PLA:

enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad, and the largest comprehensive hospital in the army. It is one of the most important health care bases in china.

hospital ten brand list NO.4, No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, Zhongshan University First Affiliated Hospital:

was founded in 1910, the scale of the Affiliated Hospital of the Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University national key university in the largest / the most comprehensive strength, the national baby friendly hospital.

hospital ten brand list NO.5, West China Hospital West China Hospital of Sichuan University:

originated in 1892, the western region of China’s National Center for difficult diagnosis and treatment, one of the largest hospitals in mainland China, in the national advanced ranks.

hospital ten brands list NO.6, Ruijin hospital – Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine affiliated Ruijin hospital:

originated in 1907, one of the largest clinical teaching hospitals in the Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, one of the most prestigious hospitals, has a good reputation.

hospital list of the top ten NO.7, Xijing Hospital, Xijing Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of The Fourth Military Medical University:

in 1954 by the fifth and the Fourth Military Medical University.

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