What happens to shopkeepers who meet customers

although many shopkeepers know in harmony, in the process of the management of the store will pay great attention to good, however, the contradiction between customers will also occur, easy to cause the quarrel. So, the owner of the customer quarrel how to do? Let Xiaobian to introduce a case.

to quarrel with customer complaints, in eggplant snow for many years a small cigarette and liquor vendor work Chen Po feeling: "to engage in business" and "for your shop, encounter disputes," judge deeds ", to calm down the patience to listen to consumers talk, clearly distinguish between consumers is normal or non normal complaints complaints, and rapid response."

normal complaint is a manifestation of customer dissatisfaction with service. For example, during the Spring Festival is the peak season for sales of cigarettes, the supply of goods in the shop in the hunger state, the customer came to inevitably some complaints. At this time, to empathy, in a calm mood to make a reasonable explanation for the consumer, at the same time as the customer end a cup of hot tea, with good faith to win the understanding and trust of consumers.

abnormal complaint is a consumer complaint in the presence of some adverse emotions, but if handled improperly, it will have a negative impact on the credibility of the store. For example, some consumers before shopping may conflict with colleagues or people in the home, the mood is not good, came to the store did not adjust, "prick" to vent their emotions.

this time, we must learn to endure, in a timely manner to give their own heat to cool down the mind, calm down, do not rush to argue. The mood in the shortest time, sought to "prick" consumers "common language", "Daniel, move". In this way, the tension will gradually ease the atmosphere.

customers quarrel, although the owners are not very good direct intervention, but if the owner laissez faire, will also have a negative impact on the shop. Therefore, in the face of customer disputes, the owners also need to be good at dealing with. So, if you are a shop owner, you encountered in the course of the operation of the store customer quarrel, do you know how to do it?

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