What procedures need to open the restaurant business guidance

many friends want to start their own business, and open a restaurant is a good choice, not only the cost of investment is not good enough to harvest a lot of wealth. Now no matter what kind of investment shops, are required to handle the relevant procedures, open a restaurant is so. So what’s the procedure for opening a restaurant? The following details for you.

1, sewage permit application: first to the District Environmental Protection Bureau to apply for, after accepting, the staff will come to inspect and guide.   two necessary conditions for obtaining a permit for the discharge of sewage are: there must be no residential buildings above the ground; sewage shall be incorporated into municipal sewage pipes. Home inspection staff will be based on the size of the business area to determine what kind of fume hood installed. How to open a restaurant? Buy their own home hood or environmental protection has not recognized the range hood is not. Staff at the certificate office to remind: before deciding to rent a store or renovation, it is best to consult the environmental protection department. For example: some shop owners in the shop decoration, smoke or kitchen window just behind the alignment of the household, even if management did not know, the residents will still go to complain, finally often have to spend money on adjustment.

2, health permit application: to find the area of health supervision to apply for acceptance, and then let the restaurant employees to conduct health checks, food hygiene knowledge training. In the inspection and training qualified premise, mainly to see the following aspects: first, the health facilities are complete, mainly refers to disinfection, cleaning facilities; two is the processing area and the proportion of the business area is reached. Different sections of the restaurant, the proportion of requirements will not be the same, prior consultation is necessary.

3, industrial and commercial business license: get these two cards, you can rely on these two cards and the corresponding proof of rental housing, identity cards, to apply for industrial and commercial business license.

4, fire application: in accordance with the regulations, before the opening, but also to the fire department for fire approval, apply for fire safety permits, which need to apply to the area where the decoration.

5, tax registration: within 30 days from the date of receiving the business license, the local tax bureau to apply for tax registration number. With a copy of the business license and a copy of the operator’s identity card. Individual industrial and commercial households opened a small restaurant, to pay 5% of the sales tax. In addition to the urban construction tax, education surcharge, the tax is 11% of the sales tax, as well as some other taxes, the share is very small.

on restaurant need procedures to introduce here, friends would like to venture, you understand? If you are preparing to open a restaurant, you may as well take the steps above to make your restaurant more formal.


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