Where is the supermarket

supermarket where good? I believe this is a lot of friends who want to open the supermarket have some questions. Supermarkets make our life more convenient, open a supermarket is also very profitable. The location of the supermarket is very important for the operators, different supermarkets have different site selection.

1) convenience store   1, located in residential areas, the main line of the road and the station, hospital, entertainment, organs, groups, enterprises and locations. 2, the business area of about 1OO square meters, the business area utilization rate is extremely high. 3, business hours are generally more than 16 hours, or even 24 hours. 4, commodity structure: a small, quick food packaging products, stationery magazine, immediate consumption, small capacity, emergency etc..   5, target customers: residents walk shopping for 5 minutes to reach,   8O% customers for the purpose of shopping.

2) food supermarket   1, supermarket open where good? Located in residential areas, roads, commercial district. 2, operating area of 5OO to 1000 square meters. 3, commodity structure: to buy high frequency of goods based. 4, operating hours of not less than 16 hours. 5, the residents for the consumer object, about 1O minutes to reach.

3) warehouse shopping mall   1, the site is located in the urban and rural areas, but the traffic convenience, and a large parking lot. 2, large business area, generally more than 1OOOO square meters. 3, the library shelves, simple decoration, cost savings. 4, commodity structure: mainly to food (some fresh food), household goods, clothing apparel, stationery, household appliances, automotive supplies, indoor products. Focus on the breadth of the goods to be wide (refers to the kind of goods to be more). 5, target customers: small and medium retailers, catering, group purchase and transportation of consumers. Most of the shops are selling a large number of orders and so on, in order to achieve low-cost sales.

4 comprehensive supermarket   1, supermarket open where good? Located in residential areas, urban and rural areas or commercial areas. 2, the business area of more than 2500 square meters. 3, commodity structure: fresh food, food and clothing supplies complete. Focus on the depth of the goods (refers to the same commodity specifications, grades, the number of varieties). 4, target customers: to meet the consumer demand for the largest proportion of middle-income class consumption.   5, the facility is better than the warehouse store.

if you have plans to open a supermarket, you first want to know, what to open a large supermarket, so you can then decide how to site. Open the supermarket must pay attention to the choice of address, the above is a few common supermarket location skills. Where is the supermarket open? What type of supermarket should pay attention to the different site selection skills.


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