What are some of the mistakes easily made by small businesses

many small businesses continue to rise in the market, these enterprises like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in the market popular, but we know that these enterprises there is a success, also have failure, why some will fail? Sometimes it is because these small businesses are prone to make mistakes.

1. Good experience, wrong product

right products should be simple, focused, in line with the characteristics of business model. Many websites and mobile applications have a beautiful interface, superior interactive mode, but when you are interested in and in-depth understanding, you will find that they can not give users a clear use value. The problem is that the product is not something that is geared to the needs of the masses, or the solution itself is a problem. In order to create a good user experience, we must first ensure that the product is in the right direction before the specific design work.

2.ux starting late, slow implementation of

3. Lack of clear value proposition

written value proposition copy, try from the user’s perspective, they think about how to get value from your product and how to accomplish a task. The value proposition of the purpose is in the shortest possible time to users of your products and hope to continue to understand, so you should try to keep short and readable.

4. Lack of focus

A misunderstanding of

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