The ten rod brand rankings

fishing this has some movement has always been loved by a lot of people, in order to survive it, or a kind of leisure activities, in short, rod market because this interest hobby has been rapid development. In fact, as early as the Paleolithic humans use natural spines and branch hook antlers, pig teeth made of stone, the original fishing in rivers and lakes on fish and shellfish.

6000 years ago, there have been China bone harpoons, hooks, fish dart gun head, etc.. Lu Guimeng of the Tang Dynasty in the "preface" fishing is described in detail and then distinguish the fishing gear and fishing method. Fishing gear, fishing method is prevailing in recent two hundred or three hundred years, the emergence and development of the fishing gear, material also is synthetic fiber and plastics to replace. Here are ten big fishing brand rankings, so that we can have more understanding of the fishing market.

ten rod brand ranking NO1- fishing king

Wang is a collection of fishing bait, fishing tackle, outdoor equipment R & D, production, sales and service in one of the professional and modernized enterprise group; founded in Anlu city of Hubei Province in 1995. In 2007 the headquarters moved to Wuhan Panlong city. In more than and 10 years, in the joint efforts of all partners and chairman Gao Jiaquan hard, colleagues for their support in the fishing tackle company, one step growth in China fishing industry to establish a good market reputation and reputation, universally liked fishing people. The company covers an area of 99000 square meters of construction area of 48000 square meters (including construction area) fishing production Industrial Park and logistics base, a total of more than and 500 employees, fishing king group has become one of the most China fishing industry well-known enterprises

ten brand ranking NO2- Guangwei fishing rod

Wei Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, the headquarters of infrastructure in Vancouver Canada Wei Technology Co. Ltd. has a high-quality sales team management, senior management 80% master degree or above, more than 65% business team offers 7 bachelor degree, 24 hours a day, a full range of services. Well, products shall test and quality control by strict 100% complete, to ensure the quality, compatibility and reliability of its a to. In the eyes of customers and consumers have completely stable quality and high performance of the pronoun.

ten NO3- brand rankings. Fishing rod

Hangzhou falai Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd, after years of efforts and hard work, rapid development, become integrated fishing industry R & D, production and sales of the modern enterprise. Company to "create a world fishing tackle industry well-known brands, become international fishing friends" for the long-term, professional production of high density carbon fiber and glass fiber fishing rod fishing rod, has been developed to produce more than and 70.

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