Flavor curry how big brand you earn

How about

curry? Delicious, linger. If you join the smell of curry items, is also very interested in. So, come to join the choice of taste curry?

at present, the taste of a hundred brands chain corporation will be divided into four categories of investors: the provincial cooperative operators, municipal exclusive agents, flavor chain stores and franchise retailers. The next is to face consumers across the country, taste 100 brand chain corporation will according to the eating habits of different taste 100 brand chain based on the existing research on the dishes, introduce more attractive dishes. For the specific cuisine distinction, taste 100 brand chain corporation to change the status quo strategy, adhere to the characteristics, moderate adjustment, in order to meet the demands of mass consumption. This will also be the company’s marketing services for the regional flavor curry chain market to provide the content, improve the confidence of investors around, to maximize the taste of curry in the masses around the recognition.

from the beginning of the development of the strategic objectives of the beginning, the taste of the brand chain through a variety of promotional channels brand investment. The company aims to stereo strong brand publicity, let the partner in the business of "taste 100 curry" franchise retail business process can not only get good returns, more business sense of belonging, so as to establish a harmonious unity relationship between enterprises, franchise retailers and consumers three.

flavor curry good? Has always been a very distinctive taste, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is also very has the advantage of choice. Join the taste of a hundred curry project, open a shop of their own brands, you are still hesitant what?

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